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Are you the perfect host


A Variety Platform TV Show
Candidate We Seek
We wish to find and build the show around a young and up-and-coming single female personality who already has a following and is ready to "break through." She will be:
 -- 1) Aged 25-30
 -- 2) Attractive
 -- 3) Personble
 -- 4) Intelligent and Witty
 -- 5) Funny (esp. a comic or improv)
We would prefer, but are not fixed to this host being a minority because of their increased importance to advertisers.

Our Plan
We will devise a nationwide talent search for contestants to compete to become host of Eve Talk™. We will select a sponsor hotel with a national presence to be the contest site in each location. The contest will be well-publicized and, when properly designed, will serve as an excellent promotion for Eve Talk™ prior to its air date. Additionally, we are considering the value of turning the talent search into a separate mini-series.

Panel of Four Judges
Our panel of judges will consist of at least two women. They will include:
 -- 1) A Top Talent Agent
 -- 2) A Successful Talk Show Host
 -- 3) A Top Programming or Development executive from the Buyer's Company
 -- 4) The Creator and Exec. Producer, Scott Sargis

A Variety Platform TV ShowA Variety Platform TV Show
Selection Criteria
The four judge panel will choose one winner in each of five regional locations:
 -- 1) The Northeast
 -- 2) The Southeast
 -- 3) The Midwest
 -- 4) The Southwest
 -- 5) The West

The contestants will each be asked to perform for 2-3 minutes in each of two categories:
 -- 1) Tell a joke or perform an improvisation skit
 -- 2) Test interview a sample guest

The judges will rate each contestant on a scale of 1 to 10, whereby 10 is excellent, 5 is average, and 1 is terrible. They will be rated in each of six categories:

 -- 1) Energy and Ethos

   -- How much stage presence
     they convey?
   -- Do they have star power?

 -- 2) Appearance

   -- Are they attractive?
   -- Are they someone that women will
     believe has been dumped before?
   -- Caveat: We want someone who is
     attractive, but not too sexy or
     beautiful because viewers won't believe
     that such a person has dating problems.

 -- 3) Comedic Talent

   -- How funny are their jokes
     or improvisation?
   -- How original is their material?

 -- 4) Likeability

   -- How much will the audience like
     and believe this person?
   -- How personable is this candidate?

 -- 5) Intelligence

   -- How witty and intelligent is this candidate?
   -- Is their material clever?

 -- 6) Interview Skills

   -- Are their questions
   --Is this person a good
   --Do they bring a special quality
     to interviewing?

Final Selection
The five regional finalists will be flown into Eve Talk™'s headquarters for the final selection of the winner. They will be tested and graded in a similar fashion to the regional contests. In addition, each will be given a screen test simulating a mock version of Eve Talk™.

Who to Contact
Executive Producer
E-mail: scott@EveTalk.com
(312) 670-9680

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