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Eve Talk™ Fashion Corner will feature the latest in fashion trends including clothes, jewelry and accessories including an Eve Talk™ branded line of clothing.



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A New Kind of TV Show
Future Enhancements
  1. Date Re-Creation
    We are in talks with Marc Leidy, former Special Effects Supervisor for CSI Miami to re-create guests' worst dates. This type of re-creation has rarely, if ever, been done on talk shows. However, these types of effects have been added to criminal shows like CSI and garnered remarkable audience attention.

  2. Companion Radio Show
    The concept has been successful for several shows including Loveline and Howard Stern. For example, the radio show would occur during normal work hours to encourage a work time following. The television version would air during prime time when people are home from work.

  3. Eve Talk™ branded products
    Eve Talk™branded women’s clothing, perfume, advice manuals and other consumer products. Retailers will be approached about co-branding Eve Talk™ exclusive lines for their companies. Also, opportunities for show sponsorships will also be considered.

  4. Internet Offerings
    There are endless possibilities including a web simulcast of the show (which will greatly expand viewer reach), a dating web site, instant messaging, interactive communication with the host and guests and electronic purchase and fulfillment of Eve Talk™ branded products.

  5. Product Placement
    Because the EveTalk brand is so crisp and clean, we will go beyond co-branding and sponsorships to include product placement in the show itself. With television consumers fast-forwarding through video-recorded (and “Tivo’d”) shows, product placement within the shows themselves is becoming an increasingly popular method of connecting with target audiences.

  6. Consumer Game
    As the show grows in popularity, a consumer version of the show can be developed (e.g. board or video game) or a game version of the whole show.

  7. Overseas versions of the show
    Especially in the Asian and Latin markets, which have insatiable appetites for American television shows, languages will be dubbed and changes will be made to accomodate local tastes and customs.

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