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Eve Talk™ Fashion Corner will feature the latest in fashion trends including clothes, jewelry and accessories including an Eve Talk™ branded line of clothing.



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A Variety Platform TV Show
Feedback from our six-show mini series

"I like the concept and would like more information. Thanks and have a great day!"
--- Alexi

"I would just like to compliment May on the excellent job she did on the Show. I am a 38 year old married male and found her conversation with Gina very interesting. Gina was also a very good guest. Both were very charismatic which made it easy to connect. Keep up the good work, and I'll watch next week."
--- Wayne

"Congrats on your show - I found the ladies to be intelligent, genuine and quite camera-friendly. And I do look forward to seeing your show with an 'expert' on board - is that the next one? Unfortunately I'll be out but perhaps we can finally figure out our new vcr."
--- Juli

"...I caught the last part of the show this weekend and I liked it alot. I am a twenty-two year old male who has recently graduated from college... I'd like a second opinion as well as any other advice you can give me on dating. Thanks."
--- Thomas S.

"I watched your show. It was good. I thought the guests were interesting and intelligent."
--- Michelle

Who to Contact
SCOTT R. SARGIS  Executive Producer
E-mail: scott@EveTalk.com  (312) 670-9680

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