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Eve Talk™ Fashion Corner will feature the latest in fashion trends including clothes, jewelry and accessories including an Eve Talk™ branded line of clothing.



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Eve Talk™

Eve Talk™ is a new, trademarked brand that includes a novel, cutting-edge talk show that is like The View, but is targeted at single women. It focuses on single women's dating issues and experiences.

Because of our trademarked name, Eve Talk™ offers endless opportunities to you for branded products, sponsorships and co-marketing. For example, a high-end line of Eve Talk™ branded jeans.

Please view excerpts from our previous six-week mini series above. To enlarge the video to full-screen mode, click the star symbol at the bottom right of the video screen.

It is
NOT a dating show. Instead, it is a talk and variety show with discussions about cutting-edges topics that interest single women (and men who will probably also view it because of the attractive women and to learn more about women's needs).

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